About Us

It’s always about food, drink and friends. As artists we design; as web designers we work with clients to tell their stories.

There are other website services we provide: web hosting, website management, web marketing, search marketing and SEO(Search Engine Optimization). We rock at Google Ads! Formerly Google Adwords)

Our Story
We moved to Eastern Oregon a few years ago to enjoy the outdoors and we’ve found that the outdoors is 10 to 20 minutes away no matter which way we turn. It’s beautiful up here and we take advantage as much as we can. 

Our Clients
Our clients are amazing and provide us with challenges related to their businesses. Over the years we’ve learned to listen and along the way, learned how to solve many  business problems. We seek out competitive clients as the rewards are greater.   Web design and optimization are key to leveling the visibility factors that show your site before a competitors in search engine results.

Our Mission
Our Mission is to connect with businesses that need to compete on the web. We’re good at it and would love to share our experiences about local businesses we work with in La Grande, the Grande Ronde Valley, Baker City and surrounding areas.

Reach out to us and we’ll face your challengers together.